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welcome to the Slug & Lettuce...

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Thanks for dropping by… someone once asked me what I loved most about the Slug & Lettuce… at first it seems like a simple question what with the excellent food and tapas,the great selection of draughts on tap, the super selection of SA's finest craft beers, cocktails, the huge range of wines by the glass, the cognac’s and premium whiskeys, the friendly staff, the warm décor, the massive HD Flat screen TV’s, the parties… The list goes on forever and all these little details contribute to the Slug & Lettuce experience but none as great as our friends and guests.

Every time I go to the Slug & Lettuce I see familiar and sincerely friendly faces. The Slug & Lettuce is clearly distinguished from other Pubs and bars in that it is a place of socializing where friends meet in a truly welcoming atmosphere.

Perhaps the most unique and endearing feature of our Slug and Lettuce brand is that every single one of our outlets are entirely different from each other in terms of decor, menu offering etc etc.
We completely respect that differing suburbs and cities will always require "locals" that would best suit the neighbourhoods and communities that they serve.


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“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind” ...Humphrey Bogart